Walk Through Metal Detector

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Walk Through Metal Detector adalah alat yang dipasang di depan pintu masuk gedung-gedung atau area penting, dimana walk through metal detector berfungsi untuk mendeteksi setiap orang yang masuk apakah membawa barang-barang berbahaya, khususnya barang berbahaya yang terbuat dari metal/logam, seperti pistol, senjata tajam, bom, granat, dll.

Kami menawarkan beberapa type walk through metal detector yang biasa digunakan, adapun model/type yang kami jual adalah :

1. GARRETT CS-5000

  • Microprocessor technology in detection and control circuitry—includes 20 standard application programs.
  • Overhead control unit: LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph and control touchpads—plus all wiring, connections and electronics—are integrated into a single overhead compartment to eliminate exposure of wires and the external control box.
  • Uniform coverage from archway to floor.
  • Greater sensitivity for detecting metal weapons—maximum of 200 distinct sensitivity levels.
  • Continuous online report of operating status.
  • Tamper proof settings through computerized access codes.
  • Three levels of ankle-boost sensitivity.
  • Self diagnostic program: complete and automatic.
  • Noise reduction to prevent false alarms.
  • Rugged, lightweight design for simple maintenance and easy portability.
  • Easy assembly: designed with only four (4) pieces and eight (8) screws. Simple-to-follow instructions.

2. GARRETT PD-6500i

  • Superior target detection with unmatcheddiscrimination of harmless items such as coins,jewelry, keys, cigarette packs, etc.
  • The ultimate in safety, throughput and reliabilitywith preset programs to cover the most completerange of security applications including the newTransportation Security Administration’s (TSA)Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) System requiredfor all post 9-11 U.S. airport installations.
  • Multi-dimensional coil design (33 distinct pinpointzones) provides superior detection and location ofguns, knives and other flat and rod-shapedweapons regardless of orientation.
  • Circuitry with advanced Digital Signal Processor(DSP) technology locates even small, hard-to-find,floor level weapons.
  • Individual zone boost adjustments allow forcustomization of detection characteristics and/orcompensation for metallic environmentalchallenges.
  • Durable, IP 55 weather-proof construction.


3. MCD-300

  • Standard: “GB 15210-1994. Through-type metal detector door general technical conditions” national standards.
  • Detection procedures: 100 sensitivity adjustment may be required on different occasions to meet separately.
  • Basic safety: meeting the requirements of GB4793.
  • Personal safety: Satisfied NILECJ-0601.
  • Through rate: more than 60 million / per minute.
  • Power: 220V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Power: 35VA.
  • Working environment: -10 ~ 45 , ≤ 95% RH.
  • Overall dimension: 2220 mm (high) × 820 mm (width) × 500 mm (deep).
  • Channel Size: 2000 mm (high) × 700 mm (width) × 500 mm (deep),
  • Machine weight: about 80kg.