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Analog Multitester

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Multitester atau dengan kata lain Multimeter adalah alat  ukur listrik yang mampu mengukur Ampere meter, Volt meter dan Ohm meter. Alat multitester ini juga ada yang digital multitester, maupun Analog multitester. Berikut Analog Multitester yang kami jual :

1. SANWA AP-33

  • Elastomer material absorbs shock from fall
  • High-durability nylon-woven copper lead
  • Using elastomer material improves flexibility and reduces the stress on the lead wire and the probe when bent.
  • Bandwidth : 40-10kHz (50V and below)


  • High level panel visibility
  • Continuity check buzzer
  • Tilt-stand
  • Measureable upto DC30A / DC300A with optional clamp probe
  • Bandwidth : 40~5kHz


  • Low power ohm (3V) measurement upto 200MΩ
  • Capacitance measurement 0.01μF~1000μF
  • LED check by 3V terminal voltage at resistance range
  • Battery check
  • Protective body cover
  • Bandwidth : 30~80kHz (AC12V), 30~20kHz (AC30V)

4. SANWA SP-21

  • Drop shock proof taut-band meter
  • ±DCV zero center meter
  • Fuse and diode protection
  • Battery check
  • Tilt stand
  • Bandwidth : 40~100kHz (AC12V)


  • Drop shock proof meter
  • Null (zero center) meter ±5 / ±25 in DCV
  • High resistance up to 200MΩ with low voltage
  • Protective body cover
  • Capacitance, dB, Li measurement
  • Bandwidth : 30~100kHz (AC10V)


  • Total 35 wide ranges (24ch sw + additional fuctions)
  • ±DCV zero center meter
  • LED for continuity check
  • OUTPUT terminal (series capacitor terminal)
  • Battery check

7. SANWA  CX506a

  • 26ch switch, wide range measurement
  • Capacitance measurement 50pF~2000μF
  • High input impedance 50kΩ / V (DC3~300Vrange)
  • Switchable DC polarity
  • Bandwidth : 40Hz~30kHz (3V and 12V), 40Hz~10kHz (30V range)

8. SANWA  EM7000

  • High input impedance (DCV2.5~12MΩ/V) and 0.12μA range (DCA)
  • Bandwidth 40Hz~1MHz AC sign wave
  • Rectangular pulse P-P (Peak to Peak) measurement (duty cycle 20% and above)
  • Wide ohm range 0.2Ω~200Mohm
  • Bandwidth : 40Hz~1Mhz (12V range and below)

Itulah produk sanwa analog multimeter yang kami punya, semoga sesuai dengan yang Anda butuhkan, terimakasih atas kunjungan dan kepercayaannya.